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Be-Ge Group

Be-Ge is a family owned company group with production facilities in Sweden, Denmark, U.K, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The company group comprises Be-Ge Seating division, Be-Ge Component division and Be-Ge Vehicle division.


Driver and passenger seats for vehicles

Be-Ge Industri AB, Be-Ge Jany A/S and Savas Seating B.V develops, manufactures and markets fixed and suspended driver seats, passenger seats and accessories. Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd, Savas Qualitätssitze Gmbh and Savas N.V. market and sell the seats.


Office and process chairs

Be-Ge Industri AB develops, manufactures and markets office and process chair and accessories. Famous brands include "Sverigestolen" and "Ullmanstolen".


Press components and sheet metal components

Be-Ge Stece AB and Be-Ge Plåtindustri AB manufacturer of sheet metal components in material thickness ranging from 0.3 - 25 mm and production tools, and performing assembly to complete assembly. Within companies there is a broad technical know-ledge and genuine design and tool manufacturing competence.


Industrial sewing, painting and final assembly

Be-Ge Baltic UAB has industrial sewing as core business, also partial and final assembly of subcontracted components.
Be-Ge Lackering AB operations are comprised of vehicle and industrial painting, plastics and corrosion protection of vehicles.


Sales and servicing private and transport cars

Be-Ge Personbilar AB is authorized for sales and service of Volkswagen private and transport cars and Skoda. The company has two operation sites, Oskarshamn and Vetlanda.


Sales and service of trucks and heavy trucks

Be-Ge Lastbilar AB is responsible for sales and service/repair of Scania trucks.  The activities are carried out from our own sites in Oskarshamn, Vetlanda and Hultsfred. Be-Ge has been representing Scania trucks since 1941.

Be-Ge Industrial Group


Development, production and marketing of driver seats and chairs, manufacturing and processing of components, industrial sewing and industrial paint work.

Be-Ge Vehicle Group


Be-Ge Vehicle Group Marketing and service, repair and rental of vehicles and Within the group, also perform automotive, industrial coatings and vehicle paint work.

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